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Here at Bigg Talks Sports & Entertainment we do our best to provide unbiased commentary on not just major professional sporting events, along with semi-pro, collegiate, and high school athletics as well. 


Bigg is the host of the “BTSE 365 Podcast,” which is a podcast that covers a plethora of topics that go beyond sports and entertainment. We cover some social and political issues that are relevant to the time. Bigg conducts interviews with current and former athletes, music artists, and also business owners. 


If you or someone you know is interested in starting a podcast, Bigg can help you, just follow the “Start a Podcast in a Bigg Way,” and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor! 


Be sure to follow Bigg on Twitter & Instagram @BTSE_365 and don’t forget to LIKE the fan-page on Facebook Bigg Talks Sports & Entertainment and SUBSCRIBE to the podcast! 


“Life is about Positive Positioning”~ JQH

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